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Belfry WebComics Index - A massive directory of comics and online webcomics.

Comic Rocket Webcomic List - A comprehensive list of webcomics and comic strips.

Looking For Group - by Ryan Sohmer and drawn by Lar DeSouza. A divergent and mismatched gathering of people come together in a medieval fantasy. And it's Canadian to boot!

Nodwick - by Aaron Williams. Three comics to choose from fantasy to fantasy gaming groups to superheroics. Updated weekly.

Oglaf - Rude, crude and lewd, anecdotal stories set in a medieval world of monsters and sorcery. And very funny. And definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK. And still very funny.

Peanuts - by Charles Schultz. This is the comic I read for years and collected the books. He's why I draw.

The Webcomic List - A listing of webcomics on genres from Furry to Workplace.

Film Reviews

And You Call Yourself A Scientist! - Scientifically evaluated reviews of horror and sci-fi with just a touch of sardonic wit from a real life scientist.

The B-Master's Cabal - The latest review releases from armchair critics on classic and not so classic sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

Cartoons and Animation

How It Should Have Ended - This site pokes fun at plot holes with alternative endings for popular films using self referential humour. And it comes with a Zombie Comic.

Angry Alien Productions: 30 Second Bunnies - More or less 30 second long re-enactments of popular films. Lots of slapstick and fast paced.

Video Game Reviews

Blues News - A collection of links to video game news, reviews and miscellaneous tidbits. Updated several times daily.

Zero Punctuation - Semi animated rapid fire sardonic critiques on video games. The best any developer can hope for is that he didn't chuck the game into the garbage. Updated on Wednesdays.

Special Interest

Northern Sky Greyhound Adoption Association - A site dedicated to finding homes for retired racing greyhounds, serving Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Adopt the world's fastest couch potato!