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Garyson Fair


Gary likes life simple and to the point. He graduated university with a Bachelor of Arts which he put to use working in the Records and Data Department of a national conglomerate as a data entry operator. In his view, he's got a job that pays the bills. Better than unemployment. And it pays for the video games.

Morgan Fair


Morgan also likes life simple and to the point, and it would be if she weren't always stepping on its tail. She prefers to say what’s on her mind then and there, since thinking beforehand is for sissies. Having majored in Business with a minor of Computers, Morgan works at a at the 2 Gig Café owned by Ira Banks.

Tony Mah


Tony, a veterinary graduate, met Gary at the University role playing club. The week following graduation and joining his father's family practice, he married his wife, Zhang. Together, they are the parents of their daughter, An. As the man of the house, he is the absolute master. Sure.

Zhang Mah


Tony’s wife, she plays the part of the domestic engineer well, perhaps too well. She sees no reason in conflict, when simple subterfuge works equally well. With Morgan she has found a confidante in discussing the subtle politics of marriage, and the joy of a one shot gib in first person shooters.

An Mah


New born daughter to Tony and Zhang. Child prodigy of theoretical physics, if she knew what that is. And rising video game champion.

Ira Banks


Ira (pronounced EAR-ah) is the owner operator of the 2 Gig Café, a gaming console and computer store with an upscale coffee shop. Allegedly the boss, she relies on Morgan on business matters when she considers them at all. She likes men. Like, really likes them. Especially if they're not into in her.

Sebastian Courtnall


Sebastian works as a webmaster, one of his clients being the Two Gig Café, and moonlights as an electronic sports player. The survivor of a vicious divorce, which has left him bitter and jaded. He thought he had it all with a wife of close to ten years who then took most of what he’s ever owned, including his sense of self-image and self-worth. And the waffle iron.

Bridget Franciscus


Bridget also knows the pains of divorce, having instigated hers against her loutish, selfish and manipulative husband. Having buried herself in her work for the past year, she's now taking action and breaking free. If only that were as easy as it sounds.