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Word Of The Day

One of the things that bugs me when watching movies or TV is when there's no good reason for a plot hole not being filled in.

I think of the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. Three movies and a lot of walking later, they toss the cursed ring into Mount Doom, with congratulations all around, and everyone downs a pint at the local pub.

To clarify, this is about the movies, not the books.

For me, the problem has always been the eagles. The big giant birds. The birds that could easily carry a hobbit over the months long journey in maybe a day, where the passenger could toss the ring in when doing a flyby around the volcano.

Many people have tried to validate the storyline, with something along the lines of 'Eagles are grand and majestic creatures, not beasts of burden running a commuter service'.

My response is along the line of, 'Hey, the world's about to burn at the hands of a mad battle mage. Loose the ego, and suck it up just. This. Once.'

Those that say, 'If they flew on eagles, there wouldn't be a story, and no epic journey', then I say, maybe they should've added a line somewhere, maybe when everyone's meeting in Rivendell, and have someone say 'The eagles say thanks, but no thanks. Too many orcs, too many siege weapons, and there's that whole fiery, angry eye up on that tower. Hard pass'.

Plot hole filled. You're welcome.