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Word Of The Day

As the Holiday of Lovers closes in, I'm reminded of the traditional gift tropes like wine, candy, or jewelry, and what constitutes a token of love. What it doesn't have to be is big or expensive. Just something personal.

Case in point: My Wife collects dice for her pen and paper RPG's. I kind of got out of it awhile back, but I always appreciate a unique set. While surfing the web, I came across an ad for a pretty intricate metal set, and pointed it out to her. She was entranced, and I figured she's probably snag a set for herself because, well, she's a compulsive dice collector.

I found a parcel in the mailbox the other day, and when I took it, it let out a familiar rattle. 'Oh good,' I thought. 'I'll just place this with the other two-filled-to-the-brim cases she's managed to accumulate'.

When she got home, Wife opened the bag, and pulled out two small boxes, each with a set of the intricate metal dice. The numbers were a little difficult to read, but if nothing else, they looked cool.

She handed me one of the sets. 'This one's your's', she said.

I hadn't asked for it, and I hadn't expected it, but I appreciated the gift. It was thoughtful and personal. And they look really, really cool.

She's just keeps knocking it out of the park each and every time.