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Word Of The Day

As a kid, I loved monster movies. Particularly giant monster movies. Especially Godzilla.

And now, Godzilla Vs Kong is set for release at the end of March. I'm giddy for monster fighting mayhem. My Wife, who does enjoy herself some science fiction and action films, isn't quite as enthused about kaiju. Rarely does she watch any with me, and instead decides to comment from the peanut gallery with a self satisfied smirk when she catches me watching any.

Fortunately, I know her weaknesses.

"I have bad news," I said to her. "Godzilla Vs Kong is out this month. I'm going to watch it."

"I see," she said with disinterest. "You have fun with that. Who's in it?"

I listed off most of the actors.

"Uh-huh," she said. "Who else?"

"Alexander SkarsgÄrd," I said.

Her eyebrows raised, recalling the hours she spent watching him in True Blood and The Legend of Tarzan.

"I see," she said, letting out a resigned sigh. "Fine. I'll watch it with you."

Know your spouse. It pays dividends.