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Word Of The Day

Way back when before Wife and I got into online gaming like Dungeons & Dragons Online, we'd play single player games, or cooperative LAN games that we could pause.

We learned to save the game prior to opening a door. We learned the hard way to do that, since we got so engrossed in the story, we'd play twenty minutes, open a simple, innocent door, and then immediately get ganked by some unholy, overpowered monster that was politely waiting in the dark to kill us. And so we learned our lesson to save. And save often. Because we'd die. Often.

We've since switched mainly to online play, but that doesn't mean our fingers don't go to the old assigned quick key to save when we're about to hit a boss battle or one sided ambush.

Wife's battle cry before the onslaught: "I'd like to save here, please."