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Word Of The Day

One of the things you can do in Dungeons & Dragons Online, when you have a guild, is to buy an airship. They come in a number of sizes and prices, from little itty-bitty skiffs, to huge honking luxury liners. The bigger they are, the pricier they are.

Wife decided our little skiff didn't quite pass muster. She wanted the big one. The really, really, big one.

She twisted my rubber arm, and I acceded to her view. She put in her half of the in game currency to the airship vendor, and waited for me to deposit mine. And I did.

"Buy it!" she cried. "Buy it now! Buy! Buy!"

I scanned through the listed vessels. "Hold on, let me double check--"

"Bought it!"

I looked at the purchase. "So really, you just wanted me for my money?"

"Well yeah," she said. "I'm your wife. It's what I do."