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Word Of The Day

MMORPG crafting. The anathema of fun and adventure in video games.

It doesn't seem to matter which online game I go for, be it TERA, Guild Wars or Dungeons & Dragons Online, there's always crafting to be had. And for me it stops the game. Dead.

In the past few months, Wife and I have been doing raids in DDO, which are bigger and more dangerous adventures than the usual dungeons. More often than not, we die.

Many. Many. MANY times.

Thus it's been brought to my attention, usually when I'm at the wrong end of a pole arm or fire ball, that better gear might be useful in game. And one fellow who plays extensively in DDO with his guild, has a channel on YouTube dedicated in part to showing how to make better gear so there will be less dying and more swag swiping.

I've watched his videos. I've bugged him in game. I've crafted some gear.

It is now time to see if that effort spent on crafting and not adventuring pays off. Hopefully with fewer resurrections by useless henchies.