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Word Of The Day

Reboots and remakes seem to be all the rage these days. I can understand remaking a mediocre film with hints of greatness, but I've never understood the need to remake great films.

It's like the producers keep the film name for brand recognition, but change everything else. It's like they thought 'Hey, I want to make a haunted house movie, so I'll buy the rights to The Haunting of Hill House book. It's already been adapted to the film. Who wants to see that old thing again? It's all new this time, baby!'

So you get new characters with new names, old characters that don't resemble what they were in previous versions, and what seems to be trending these days is more and more backstory for characters who didn't need any in the first place. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory anyone? I'm looking at you, Mister Wonka.

I wouldn't include films like the 2014 Godzilla film or Kong: Skull Island in that category. Sure, they were modern takes on older films, but either loosely continued the previous series or took the idea in a vastly different direction.

It's just too bad that producers and studios aren't willing to take the chance on original works. But they're willing to muck up our favourite film memories.