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Word Of The Day

I saw a post on Facebook today which showed a picture of a billboard which said 'Let's all get along like they do in Canada'.

While it's flattering, we still deal with prejudice and intolerance here. It's not as loud and in your face as in some places, but we have it. It's more slow burn prejudice, simmering under the collar. Francophones and Anglophones still have issues with the other. We've got First Nations issues going back before the days of Confederation.

IMHO, education and understanding is the key. It's human nature to point out anything that looks or acts different. But those aren't everything. A person's character is. It takes a conscious effort to get to know someone for who they are. The easy way out is to point out negative examples and claim an entire person's culture or country is that way. Let's put aside the easy way.