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I won't lie. I love playing Dungeons & Dragons Online. It's my go-to gig for video recreation. The downside is that in the past, content update was slow. Very slow. Like about a dungeon or two a year. I'm not complaining about the quality, but it's like eating the most delicious chocolate brownie with chocolate chips and fudge icing and sprinkles on top that's the most intoxicating thing you've ever eaten. And it's the size of a thimble.

Things are shaking up in that particular MMORPG neck of the woods. Turbine was the game's previous developer, but has gone on to focus more on mobile gaming. In it's place, we've now got Standing Stone Games taking over.

And what announcements they've made. A new dungeon. A new campaign setting. A new playable race. And that's just this year. I'm not saying there won't be bumps on the road, but this latest news has me excited. I would recommend this game to casual and not-so casual gamers. It's not just a hack and slash game. There's thinking. There's puzzles. There's humour. And yeah, there's hacking and slashing.