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Word Of The Day

Recently I watched a YouTube video of The Greatest American Hero, about a high school teacher who's given a space suit which gives him super powers. It ran for three seasons in the early 1980's, and it was a kick watching clips from the show I used to crave watching every week as a kid.

It was a funny, kitschy show that poked fun at a lot of the cliches that most superhero shoes go in for. Where Superman flew with great ease, Ralph Hinkley could barely stay in the air for 30 seconds before he lost control. Superman crashed through walls. Sure, Ralph could do the same thing, and then trip on his cape as he went through.

What gets me is how the level of special effects have increased in all that time. I mean, the green screen effects from Greatest American Hero weren't all that much more advanced than the George Reeves Superman show, but now, the sky's the limit.

Since everyone and their dog is remaking 80's shows now, can we have a reboot of this?