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Word Of The Day

Wife called me today while she was out playing Euchre that one of her friends bought an old Ford Thunderbird and would be driving her home in it.

"It's old," Wife said. "And gorgeous!"

In my mind it had to be something from the 1960's. Classic stuff. My wife had no love for boats, which is what the Thunderbirds became in the 1970's.

Wife called later to let me know that her arrival was imminent. I went outside to the back and saw the car pull up.

My expectations for a classic piece of metal hit the ground like rusted steel.

It was a 2002 model, first year of the eleventh, and last, generation of the car. True, it was a beautiful thing with its retro styling, but I couldn't help but feel misled.

After her friend drove off, I raised an eyebrow at Wife. "You said the car was old. That car was one of the last ever made."

"Yeah, but that's going back years," Wife said.

So the car was old. And new. Which just goes to show that even after years of wedded bliss, communication is still something to be worked on.