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Word Of The Day

I've been enjoying the second season of Marvel's Agent Carter so far. One of the things I like is the characterization. Carter is portrayed as professional and an expert in her field. Yes, she has her weaknesses, but she doesn't dwell on them. Especially at inopportune times. Like in the middle of battle.

That's an issue I find in a lot of shows. Admittedly, I watch a lot of comic based shows, but the same problem persists in pretty much every one of them. No matter how tough as nails the characters are, there's usually a moment or three in each episode where at least one of the protagonists falters, and they get the 'buck up' speech. Then they do their job with only a few more grimaces of self pity.

Frankly, I find this frustrating. Yes, some of them are super heroes, and yes, they have the right to question themselves and their situations. But really? After one defeat against a bad guy and it's still in the middle of act one? And there's two more acts to go?

I get that TV shows don't have the budgets of movie blockbusters. But it seems like these shows do the pity party as a type of filter. And there seems to be a lot of it.