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Word Of The Day

My wife and I were having a conversation over the different genres in comics following a conversation with a friend who has has been collecting the trade paperbacks to Transmetropolitan, a comic put out by DC imprints.

"So who's the superhero in that one?" she asked.

"No superhero," I said. "It's a cyberpunk story about a gonzo journalist fighting authority and corruption."

"Naw," she said. "Comics are about superheroes."

I listed the genres in comics that I could think of, ranging from romance, science fiction, mystery, comedy, steampunk and cyberpunk.

"Would you consider the film The Crow to be a superhero film?" I asked.

"It probably wouldn't make the top 50 superheroes if I made a list."

"That was an adaptation of a comic which could be categorized as horror, supernatural and romance. Also, remember the film V for Vendetta?"

"Yeah, that was cool," she said.

"Also not a superhero comic. It was a political allegory where one of the main characters wears a mask, but he's no superhero. He's an anarchist"

My wife's face exploded with a smile. "He was like Batman!"

"No! Batman is about law and order!"

"Does Batman obey the speed limit in his Batmobile?"


"Then he's an anarchist!"

"He's a vigilante who helps the cops!" I said. "Law! Order!"

"Eye for an eye!" she giggled as I walked away. "That's law! And violent!"

I half turned back to her. "No, that's the bible! And it leaves everyone blind!"

As I continued to walk away, I heard her shout more examples, more circular reasoning as to why V is Batman. I ignored her, because if I didn't, the cops would eventually find her body. I'm not smarter than the cops.