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Word Of The Day

I'm a Marvel fan. I collected more Marvel titles than DC, and for many more years. I just found them fun at the time. Not to say DC wasn't entertaining, but there seemed to be more of a 'everything and the kitchen sink' mentality to Marvel titles. If something seemed impossible in real life, throw it out there, readers would go for it. I did.

Tuesdays these days are Comic Book Adaptation Days, what with both The Flash and Agents Of Shield on. And yet, I find The Flash more entertaining. I really, really want to enjoy Agents Of Shield As much. Flash is produced on what I assume is a slimmer budget, but it packs in many more thrills. It's got bad guys true to their natures (more or less), and has no problem with the outfits. Agents Of Shield seems almost embarrassed by the thought of costumes, and if so, they should stick with the espionage spy route that Shield in the comics has done.

On the plus side, the Agents Of Shield have much less problems keeping their identities secret.