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In the province of Alberta, The provincial Progressive Conservatives have been in power since 1971, uninterrupted. The Tories have held a lock on power since then.

Alberta has traditionally been an energy powerhouse, what with oil and bitumen in vast abundance, and it's been the target of a lot of environmental criticism because of that. Regardless, the province has enjoyed a great deal of prosperity, certainly in the past 20 years, because of oil revenues.

Which is not to say it's been used properly in all that time. In the 1980's we were pretty much in the hole, thanks in part to the National Energy Program from Pierre Trudeau and his conflict with then Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed. Eventually Ralph Klein became premier, and under him, there was a lot of public slashing. The province got out of the business of business. Liquor stores were set up as the Alberta Liquor Control Board which previously sold liquor went away. Premier Klein's policies were not popular. But it got Alberta out of debt, and it became the first province with a surplus, if I recall correctly.

After King Ralph left office, other premiers stepped in and continued to enjoy Alberta's surplus. And by that I mean pay raises in the public sector. We started to go back into debt. That wasn't too much of an issue, we still had oil. Until oil prices tanked. So that $1 billion that we were looking at, shrunk a bit.

So Alberta is again looking at a massive deficit, studies have shown public sector workers make a lot more in this province compared to others while people in the oil industry lose their jobs, people worry about their next paycheque and excess spending in families stops. Not so good for the economy.

Premier Prentice was recently interviewed and was asked who is responsible for the current financial woes in the province. He answered 'we need only look in the mirror. Basically, all of us have had the best of everything and have not had to pay for what it costs'.

Well I've looked in the mirror. And I'm pretty sure I don't look like Premier Prentice. Or former Premier Alison Redford. Or former Premier Ed Stelmach. Because they were the ones in charge of the money and the government.

And I sure don't like the implication that I'm guilty of overspending, and spending poorly, the oil resources of this province. We're not Texas. We don't get resource revenue cheques written to us every month. If we did, and I was worth a few billion, and squandered it on things like private government airplanes and lavish trips abroad under the pretense of government business, then I think I'd be able to take the hint.

But I'm not taking that as a hint. What I'm taking this as a comment from a newly crowned Premier who's apparently out of touch with the public and expects that same public to bail out the government.

I know what I see in the mirror. I see a registered voter.