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Leonard Nimoy died Friday, February 27 this year.

For many, he was Mister Spock of Star Trek, and others, a director, voice actor and television host.

While he was portrayed as not liking the character following the publication of his memoir, I Am Not Spock, that wasn't the case, and spoke often of wanting to make sure that the character was properly handled, and that there was a story worth telling. Okay, we'll give Star Trek V a pass on that one. But more than anyone else besides Gene Roddenberry, he continued to push and promote Star Trek and the meaning and message behind the franchise time after time. He was an executive producer behind Star Trek VI and helped develop the concept of the film. Prior to that, he directed Star Trek III and IV, and went on to direct a number of films, including Three Men and a Baby.

After Star Trek the original series ended, he narrated the TV show In Search Of, which was devoted to paranormal and supernatural phenomena, and starred in Mission: Impossible. He did voice work, playing Galvatron in the animated Transformers movie, and returned to the Transformers universe in 2011 by voicing Sentinel Prime in Transformers - Dark of the Moon.

A friend of mine had a chance to meet him years and years ago. As I recall him telling it, he refused to meet the actor because at that age, he confused him with Spock, and was afraid of getting the Vulcan nerve pinch from him.

My friend needn't have feared. Given the massive wave of love and memories flooding the Internet from every corner on his passing, Leonard Nimoy was nothing if not loved.