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I realize I have a mental disorder. I realize that I am somewhat reality challenged. And I'm a bit of a recluse. Most other people, though, like to stand around socializing, talking, and sharing thoughts and opinions of their life.

But really, people. Do you have to do it at the top or bottom of an escalator at the mall? At lunch hour? Others would like to use that device for such hairbrained plans as traveling vto the next floor. And that's difficult to do when people are standing around babbling, oblivious to the notion that the mobile piece of machinery that they're blocking actually has a purpose, and someone else might be looney enough to actually try it out.

Okay, blocking the entrance to the escalator isn't too bad. You can stand around waiting while the group has a nice chat about how their panini sandwich was just so scrummy with fresh baked focaccia. They might get tired of lunch talk and go somewhere, perhaps using said mobile stairway to go try out some dessert.

But people blocking the exit from the escalator, those are the ones who deserve to be run asunder because frankly, as one of those people who uses that crazy contraption, I can't backpeddle. Okay, I can, but there's a reason I don't use the treadmill at the gym. And it's not like the people behind me also on said mobile stairway are going to say 'hey, he's starting a free aerobic lesson! Let's join in!'. They're going to push forward too. And into the people blocking the escalator at the top. And those folks then have the nerve to glare at us wondering why we're so rude as to push past them and interrupt their intense discourse on the merits of pressed Italian bread.

Folks. It's not rocket science. It's not brain surgery. Heck, it's not even driving one way in a bumper car. It's an escalator. Not a water cooler.