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Word Of The Day

As my wife likes to point out, I'm an oblivious fruit loop. There's a lot of things that are popular that I just don't get. I enjoy stuff that most people would just say are weird, passe or bland. I loved The Avengers film, as did many others. The Dark Knight Rises came out shortly afterwards, and I couldn't be bothered with it. But people raved about it. Not as much as The Dark Knight, which I did see, and was one of the five people in the world who weren't impressed with Heath Ledger's performance as that guy dressed in purple wearing white face.

Yeah, when sane folks play insane, you gotta go the extra mile to impress those of us who aren't on a first name basis with Sanity. I have to call him MISTER Sanity, and he rarely returns my calls.

People also love Twitter. And Facebook. And texting. And selfies. While I do some social networking, I'm not devoted to it. Texting? I have a phone. Call me old fashioned, but I use it to phone people. If I wanted to write them, I'd use email. I don't understand the appeal of selfies, but many people love them, posting them, and commenting on them.

I know. I'm out of date and out of touch with the cutting edge of societal trends.

But... Bananarama is still popular, right?