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I've had so much plastic surgery, when I die they will donate my body to Tupperware. - Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers passed on today after being admitted to hospital following cardiac arrest. She was 81.

While most of her career was spent as a stand up comedian, she later turned to hosting talk shows, first a short lived gig on the Fox Network opposite The Tonight show, then later as a daytime talk show host which earned her an Emmy Award. After that, she appeared regularly in award pre-shows to dish on celebrities and their fashions.

Her humour was biting and divisive. Some enjoyed her abrasive, satirical style. Others felt it went too far. She joked about the Holocaust and the Ariel Castro kidnappings.

She refused to apologize for her humour, accepting it as part of her job and refused to bow to political correctness. But for all the satire aimed at others, she was also willing to target herself, and made mention of her numerous plastic surgeries, and her latest procedures became running gags.