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Word Of The Day

Since last I posted, the Wife continues her ascendance in Tera Online. She now has two characters, a mystic and a slayer, both around level 22. I have two characters, a berserker at level 60 and a sorcerer at level 45.

In Tera, there are harder, instanced areas called dungeons. It’s where you get your butt handed to you in exchange for a lot of swag. Wife was hesitant about doing it with her mystic, which is a sort of healer-lite class. She’s used to doing the maiming and the killing, not the healing and the buffing, and wasn’t sure what she would bring to an instanced party.

She asked me to bring my sorcerer so that we could do this dungeon together. I knew she wasn’t going to get much XP. My sorcerer is far too high a level that she could sponge off of any from me. We go in, and I let her throw her minion against the first group of baddies that came our way. It was taking some time. I mean a lot of time. And I’ll admit, I’m impatient when it comes to stuff I’ve done a few times before. So I unleashed a basic attack, and eliminated the group with a single blast.

Wife looked over at me from her station and gawked. “You one-shotted them?! Is that all it took? Screw this, just annihilate  them so I can get my treasure!”

That’s how the rest of the dungeon worked out. I obliterate everything that moved, and Wife picked up all the dropped goods. All the while she’s impressed with how powerful my character is.

Which I thought was sweet, given that monsters at my own level kick me to Tuktoyaktuk and back.

I’ll take the adulation where I can. I’m not proud.