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Word Of The Day

Reality as we know it has undergone a paradigm shift. My wife, a die hard Guild Wars 2 player, is trying out Tera Online.

I'm not making fun of her, in fact, it's a pleasant surprise. While there are gamers out there who are devoutly staunch in their support for some things, such as video games, it's a nice change of pace to see someone try a game that is the alternative in what could be described as a major MMORPG family feud.

I used to play the original Guild Wars. My wife and I played it for hours on weekends. When that campaign ended, she tried out a number of other games, along with friends from her GW guild. She suggested I play along with them, and just as I did, they found another game to take their mind off the wait for GW2, and I was left alone with a character that was barely out of tutorial.

When GW2 came out, I wasn't that interested in it. Yes, it was visually stunning, but by the same token, very busy on screen. And I wanted to try something a little different. Eventually I found Tera and have enjoyed it, more or less since then. Less with the number of times I died solo in a dungeon.

This may happen less these days since I'm in a guild. And my wife is slowly creeping up to me so that we might plunder and kick BAM butt together.