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Word Of The Day

I broke down and joined a guild in Tera Online.

I didn’t mean to. Okay, I did. There’s a list in game on what guilds are available on any particular server, with a small synopsis of what the guild is about, either Player vs. Player or Player vs. Environment. Sort of like an all you can eat buffet. Only with the risk of alienating more people when you sneeze on the clear plastic guard on top. I chose one, applied. Waited. Nothing. Chose again, this time through the guild’s website, became a member of the forum. Waited. Still nothing. This was getting a little frustrating. Sort of like waiting on the side of the gym at prom on display for someone to ask you to dance while waving frantically to get attention while still retaining some facade of cool... while really not fooling anyone.

I gave it a last shot, checking out another guild’s website. This one actually listed their Teamspeak Server. I installed the program, added the server and hit connect.

“Failure to connect”.

Not an auspicious start. I tried again. And again. Nothing.

I took the plunge and emailed the head of the guild, offering to join a party or two to see if our gaming styles were compatible.

I waited for a response. And waited. And... you get the picture.

One day on a lark, I tried Teamspeak again, just because I had nothing better to do.


Well I wasn’t expecting that.

One of the guild heads logged in and we got talking. Then the head honcho arrived, and the two spoke about my application, which I guess got lost in the internet ether.

Short story long, it’s done. The downside is I got my character to level 60 (current max level as of the time of this writing), and the folks in the guild have just started. Which means there’s a bit of a gap between my character and the others. Although this did come in handy recently while chatting with one of the players.

He was grinding his way to level 54 taking on BAM’s, and found it slow and tedious. I offered to help, got summoned to his location, and helped kill off the BAM’s in seconds rather than minutes. Apparently there’s a bit of a damage disparity across six levels. He got his level 55.