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Word Of The Day

Checking up urban legends and hoaxes are a pastime of mine. They're enjoyable to read for no other reason to see what's making the rounds on social media, a phishing phone or email scam, the latest alleged missing child.

That being said, too much of a good thing is not a good thing at all.

Half the stuff I see on social media these days seem to be forwarded warnings about the dangers of artificial sweeteners, quotes misattributed to celebrities, posting pictures of money to get more money, and notifications that there will be a dozen Mondays in the month of August which only happens every two bajillion years, so watch that calendar.

And it's easy to check and see how accurate someone's forwarded post is. Check Google. Check Snopes. It's not hard. And if people checked these notices before posting, and found out that they're inaccurate or misleading, there'd be a lot less garbage being distributed as 'news' on social media.

And then I'd be bored.