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Good news, everyone. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD has been renewed for a second season. Not only that, but it looks like another Marvel property is on its way to the small Screen: Hayley Atwell is returning to play Peggy Carter in Marvel’s Agent Carter, a period piece set in the 1940's.

I like this. I like that there's going to be a period show with a strong, capable woman. Kind of reminds me of the first season of Wonder Woman, which was set during World War II. The only concern I have with Marvel’s Agent Carter is that period pieces can be expensive. And there have been a number of period piece shows that I enjoyed (cough-Briscoe County Jr.-cough) which were cancelled not so much due to excessively low ratings, but because the design of the production demands accuracy for the era. Renting vintage equipment and costumes is not inexpensive, and if the ratings aren't there, the advertisers aren't there, then the show soon won't be.

But I'll watch it. Because I'm used to shows I like getting cancelled. I miss you already, Almost Human.