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So Star Citizen has hit $42 million in crowd source funding. It's due out in 2015, and frankly, I'm stoked. It seems like decades since space flight simulators were big attention grabbers, and I'm hoping this is a return to it. I played the Wing Commander series, including Privateer, Freespace 1 and 2, and of course the Star Wars X-Wing and Tie Fighter games plus mission packs back in the 90's.

I really got into it, and figured that by twisting the joystick I'd bank just a little more and not be shot to pieces in space. Instead, I went through a lot of broken joysticks.

I loved the stealth and info gathering missions, scanning enemy ships, finally getting discovered, then transferring all energy to the engines and leaving everyone else in the space dust. The only missions I never enjoyed were the escort missions. Was it a requirement by developers to stick those missions in there? Did they get some perverse pleasure out of us having to hover around some wingnut who just meandered about sniffing daisies while I'm trying to get him to the safe point while every Kilrathi, stormtrooper, Shivan and their dog is shooting at us?

But still, good times.