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Word Of The Day

I remember back in the old days when I first started playing video games. Back then, when I played a game, I finished that game. Doom. Wolfenstein. Tie Fighter. Deus Ex. Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders. Day of the Tentacle. When done, they joined others I'd previously finished on the Shelf of Honour.

Somewhere along the lines, I started picking up new games before I'd finished my current one, and let interest in that one shrivel. It became one, then a half dozen. Maybe more now. Each time I'd pass by that Shelf of Honour, with all those unfinished games staring back at me, begging for completion, I'd think, 'I'll get to it one day'.

These days I go 'Meh, I'll just check out the ending someone uploaded on Youtube.