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Word Of The Day

I don't quite understand the kerfuffle over movies like Birds of Prey or the latest Star Wars films concerning a feminist agenda. I don't get it.

Some claim that it pushes 'woman power' in our faces, forcing us to 'get woke' to women's rights. Some claim that's why these movies don't do well at the box office.

I don't get it. I like movies. I like strong characters in movies, regardless of their sex. As long as it's well written with a good story, well directed, and well acted, I'll be there.

I haven't seen Birds of Prey. As a comic geek, the visual style and the changes from the comics don't do it for me. As for Star Wars, that saga ended at Episode Six for me.

For the folks complaining about the feminist agenda in films, maybe it's turnabout is fair play, considering how women have been portrayed in cleaning product commercials since advertising was invented.