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Word Of The Day

For the past week I've been puttering with my new Windows 8.1 toy. I wanted to like it. I even downloaded themes to change the desktop visual style. But it just wasn't the same. Then I started getting issues with my sound card. It wouldn't work. uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers did nothing. And there would be pop up's telling me I couldn't shut down because something else was running. It seemed more effort than it was worth.

So I recalled my wife's advice and pulled out my Windows 7 disk.

And discovered someone in their blind brilliance had essentially locked the bios to only boot Windows 8.1. I'm sure there are workarounds, but geeze, it's like Microsoft is grabbing me by the collar and shaking me, screaming in my ear "It's good! Honest! You don't need to remove it! Windows 7 is the past, and it only gets better with Windows 10!"

That may be well and true for some, but I'm not one of them. There's got to be a fix for this.

I will find it.