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Word Of The Day

I finally struck level 60 in Tera Rising this week. Yeah, gaming instead of drawing and such. So I've hit max level with my fuzzy little berserker, and I figure it's still an uphill battle because I'm nowhere near endgame, and I'm wondering if the gear I've got is good enough.

So I look online for tips and tricks on surviving this game, and lo and behold, a plethora of resources, from what types of glyphs to use on armour and weapons, to what jewellry to wear. I didn't know it was a red carpet event, and I'm ever suspicious of where the paparazzi lay in wait to take embarrassing photos.

Thus, a shopping list has been created, and and there are some choice locations for shopping. Which is to say looting the corpses of the monsters I've just killed.

This is all a bit odd. I've never been much on completing every little achievement in a game. For me, it's been about the story. Going grocery shopping in game seems like a bit too much work compared to slaying a basilisk. Still, I'd like to survive this game.

So I'm off to isle six for a loaf of bread, a container of milk and a glyph of carving.