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So it looks like the 2014 Summer Movie Season is now officially underway. We got a taste of it with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and now Godzilla is stomping along at the box office. Soon we'll have oodles of action packed flicks on the silver screen like X-Men: Days of Future Past, Transformers 4: Age of Extinction and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Way back when, before my time of standing for hours at the movie theatre, the summer movie season was a dead zone. Much like current Friday night TV listings. Then Jaws came along, proving there could be a decent flick released at that time. Now people wait for the summer months to see what actiony goodnessness will be unveiled between May and August.

For me, my summer (well, fall I guess) was the first Star Wars film in 1977. I was but a toddler at the time and heard all these great things about the movie from classmates. It wasn't until about October or November (because quick turnaround to home video didn't exist back then) that I saw it. And it blew my mind. And because we didn't have home video, I got everyone and their dog to take me when they went to see it. Seven times. In the theatre. Star Wars Episode IV remains the record for the film I've seen most in theatres.

Now it's like 'Avengers rocked! I wanna see it again! And I will! When it comes out on Blu-Ray in five months!'